Updated 20 January 2015

Jægersborg Boldklub Information Presentation

Dear Visitor,

To our big surprise, we have realized that our web site has many visitors from outside Denmark. We have detected visitors from Spain, England, Germany, Jamaica and India! Consequently, we have decided to make this small English presentation of our cozy little club, Jægersborg Football Club. 

"Jægersborg" (pronounced as "Yeagers Borg") can be directly translated as "Hunters Castle". Our club is currently the fourth highest ranking football club in the district of Gentofte (suburb of Copenhagen with approximately 68.100 residents). 

Regardless of our ranking, we have become a club of a considerable size with about 900 members who loves to play football. We take pride in emphasising good comradeship and the social life within the club. In the season of 2003-2004, the Primary Senior Squad became runners up in the Denmark Series (the Denmark Series is ranking 4th following the SAS Super League, the 1st Division and the 2nd Division), the highest position of the club in its history making Jægersborg the 46th highest ranking club in Denmark out of more than 1.600 clubs that year - way to go, right?

Besides the Primary Senior Squad in the Denmark Series (3rd division from the Super Liga), Jægersborg Football club operates with multiple secondary Senior Squads as well as Oldboys, Veterans and Superveterans. Our youth department is in rapid growth with more than 500 members and operates more than 40 teams (boys and girls) ranging from U4 to U19. 

In 2009, we celebrated our 60 years birthday and the City Hall replied by donating an expansion of the club house by some additional 300 square meters of new locker rooms, shower rooms etc. And as the icing on the cake completing the 2009 season, the Danish Football Association, DBU, announced us to be the best non-elite football club in Denmark during a spectaluar televised show featuring Sir Alex Ferguson and Peter Schmeichel among others.

Chariman of the Board Mr. Per Høiler, Peter Schmeichel, Youth Chairman Mr. René Kristensen.
Peter Schmeichel in the middle flanked to the left by Mr. Per Høiler, Chairman
of the Board (2006-2014), and to the right by Mr. René Kristensen, Youth Chairman (2009-2011).


Our club is located at the address:

C.L. Ibsensvej 70
DK-2820 Gentofte
TP: +45 39 65 40 86
E-mail: klubben@jb-bold.dk 
web: http://www.jb-bold.dk 



If you in some miraculous ways is able to read Danish, we hope you will enjoy the rest of our web site. If not, we apologize, but we are not able to update our web site in English too, but you can always enjoy our photo galleries.

We are looking forward to welcoming you if the paths of destiny brings you to Jægersborg.

Hans Henrik Køster
Chairman of the Board


Chariman of the Board Mr. Per Høiler, Sir Alex Ferguson, Youth Chairman Mr. René Kristensen.
Sir Alex Ferguson in the middle flanked to the left by Mr. Per Høiler, Chairman
of the Board (2006-2014), and to the right by Mr. René Kristensen, Youth Chairman(2009-2011).


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